Are You on the Field of Play, or the Sidelines?

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Blog Articles

Dec 29
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Let’s say I throw a basketball to you and you don’t react; you let it hit you, drop to the ground, and roll away. Then, let’s say I throw a basketball to you and you catch it. Now, let’s say the basketball represents the knowledge that you need to succeed in business.

The first scenario happens all the time. There is infinite knowledge available to you each and every day. Are you receiving it? If you catch the ball, you’re ready to make a move. You can evaluate your position and determine the best course of action for getting the ball down the court and into the net. Even if you’re new to basketball, you can still get the ball down the court and into the net. The point is getting into action on the field of play.

Let’s say you know nothing about basketball strategy, you only know that getting the ball in the net is your goal, so you do your best to reach that goal. Each time you move the ball down the court toward the net you learn something new.

If you do nothing with the ball, you still understand that getting the ball into the net is the goal of the game. From the sidelines, you can think up several ways to do that, but until you get onto the field of play you’re not receiving data to back up your decision. You have no way to know if your ideas are valid or not.

The point of this article is to illustrate the value of action, of getting onto the field of play. Armchair warriors may have a lot to say about how to reach the goal, but they have no practical expertise. They don’t know anything about the game because they aren’t playing.

Action alone won’t guarantee success without strategy. Strategy comes from performing something enough times to start to understand where you can pivot, run and gun, or pass the ball to gain an advantage. To boost your performance, you can enlist the help of a teacher or coach. This is the quickest way to get from the sidelines onto the field of play and making a slam dunk time and time again.

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